Cultural Translation, Interpretation, and Transmission of Ideas in the Early Modern Period and Beyond

the 4th TEEME conference

University of Kent Paris, 12-14 November 2015

As Peter Burke remarked, translation between languages is only the tip of an iceberg, only one aspect of a broader phenomenon usually described as cultural translation. In this conference translation will be examined in the broadest possible sense, as the negotiation and interpretation of texts, images, and events of the early modern period. In our understanding, cultural encounters and the recontextualization of concepts and practices can be read as a process of translation. The focus will be laid on the acts of understanding and interpreting texts and artefacts, and transmitting ideas between cultural, ethnic, and religious groups through different media.

Our goal is to emphasize the diversity of the modes of exchange, and to specify the purpose of cultural translation in the context of case studies. In summary, we are interested in translation from two major aspects. Firstly, papers will discuss the methods employed by early modern writers and artists in translating the world into texts and works of art. Secondly, we will also look at the ways in which the early modern continues to be translated for audiences today. This conference brings together researchers from around the world, providing a global perspective to early modern studies.


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